Fall play wraps up another season


Emily Reifsnyder

This past weekend, the theater program put on four viewings of  this year’s fall play “Moon Over Buffalo.” Chad Feeser chose “Moon Over Buffalo” to be this year’s play because it was the very first play he ever directed in college. He said “I enjoyed doing it before and thought that the cast would like it too.” In regards to the student shows that were performed earlier this week he said, “The crowd was good and everyone had a good time, based on the previews the shows to the public went great and the community enjoyed it, especially seeing that there were two different casts with completely different styles.” 

Emma Lark, who played Eileen, said, “I believe the student shows went well and that the shows to the public were even more amazing.” Adam McKeehan, who played Howard, said, “Although the student shows went fairly well, the public ones were much better.” Kara White, who played the lead Charlotte, said, “I thought that although the student shows could’ve gone better the public shows were very good.”

About 200 people attended the performances and the theater program raised over a thousand dollars. The cast had been practicing lines for “Moon over Buffalo” since September and are excited to put on their next show for the community in 2016.