Attacks in Paris bring possible threat to U.S.

Emily Reifsnyder

On November 13, 129 people were killed and over 300 were injured in Paris when 8 ISIS militants attacked people in Bataclan concert hall, the Stade de France and at least two restaurants. Although this was a big blow for Paris, Many other countries, such as the U.S. showed their support for those affected. However, those supporting France are now receiving threats as well.  On Monday the Islamic State warned in a video, that countries involved in airstrikes against Syria will suffer the same fate as France.  They specifically threatened America, saying that the attack would happen at our center in Washington DC. A video that surfaced recently also hints that they may attack New York.  

Members of the Big Spring community continue to watch the news, and as travelers themselves consider the risk. Bethany Pagze, English teacher said, “I do not personally feel threatened by these threats, but we should be mindful of our surroundings and mindful of the fact that there could be people who wish to harms us. Although these these threats are an ongoing issue we shouldn’t stop doing things because of them. I’m not going to hide in my house because of them.” In regards to how the people issuing the threats should be handled she said, “I think we need to eradicate those responsible as quickly as possible while doing the least damage as possible to innocent civilians.”

Scott Anderson, Social Studies teacher, said, “I do not feel personally threatened by the attacks but in the 21st Century when you are dealing with extremists such as ISIS who have no respect for human life, no one is really safe in this world until this threat is neutralized.” He also said, “This needs to be handled by the world community…this is not a Muslim problem…terrorism affects everyone…the world community needs to address this both militarily and diplomatically to ensure that all people have a voice but also everyone needs to understand that in the 21st Century this kind of behavior is unacceptable.” When he was asked if the threats would change what he does over Thanksgiving break he said, “My family is staying home for the holidays, but this was our plan before the attacks.” His wife, Megan Anderson, who is part of a Big Spring field trip that will be going to New York next Tuesday, said, “The threats will not change what we do on this trip and so far no students have brought up any concerns about the threats.”