Cornerstone gets fresh face


Lidia Edwards, Reporter

Cornerstone is giving its Bulldog Branch a facelift this spring with a new, school-spirit themed mural. This plan was already in the works as early as last year. The Cornerstone branch was already considering a mural because “we wanted to give the branch a fresher look and incorporate some school spirit into it,” said Sarah Ickes, the branch’s marketing intern. Angela Barlup, the liaison for the Bulldog Branch, states, “We were looking at ways to make the branch stand out more in the commons area. We envisioned combining financial elements of Cornerstone with the amazing school spirit that exists at the Big Spring High School to create a mural design that would be unique to the Bulldog Branch.” The mural in question would cover the alcove that the branch is in and nothing more. The idea had to be run by assistant superintendent, Kevin Roberts, former principal Steve Smith, assistant principal Charles Smith,  and head custodian Doug Lautsbaugh, who all approved it. 

While the mural is for the Cornerstone branch and they are running it, students still have a say in what the mural will be. Ickes said, “I’m hoping that people will bring [ideas] in.” The designs will be student made, but Cornerstone will decide which ones they like, whether it will be one complete design or elements from a variety of designs. Whichever ones are approved will then be passed on to the Board of Directors and Superintendent Fry. Ultimately, the board and Fry will decide which mural will be painted. Then, the chosen mural will be painted by the National Art Honor Society and possibly the Art Club. Cornerstone will supply paint and any other necessary supplies, as well as lend any help needed to complete the mural. They want the mural to be “one that will reflect the uniqueness of the Bulldog Branch while using the vast art talent within the high school.” However, the mural is still in the idea phase, but, according to Ickes, “We [are] hoping to paint it this spring semester and … we’re hoping to get it done by the end of the year.” The process has been slower than expected because at this point, only 2 ideas have been submitted.

Many students did not realize that there was going to be a mural. The only ones who seemed to know were art students and they seemed to like the idea. Most students, when they learned about the mural, were in favor and supported it. Olivia Stouffer, a junior, said, “We’ve had art projects done in the past, where we’ve got bulldogs and stuff, but for them to put a mural in, it’s a pretty good way to show out school spirit.” Other students have called the idea awesome. According to Jessica Teter, a junior, the mural would “give some life” to the cafeteria. Sophomore Faith Whitesel said, “I think that’s a really good idea to incorporate more art in the school, and I think this will be a really good addition to Big Spring High School.”