Climbing provides winter activity

Truman Heberlig, Reporter

In the cold months, when people do not want to be outside, a climbing gym could be the perfect solution to not only stay healthy, but have fun as well. Many people decide to go to gyms and workout and give up after a while because they are not having fun. They lose interest and motivation, but by going to the Climbnasium, a gym dedicated to indoor climbing in Mechanicsburg, individuals can do many different activities.

One is top rope where one person and a partner wear harnesses and a rope. They hook up the rope with the harness someone wears, and the climber can climb to the top of the wall. The top of the wall from the basement to the top of the barn is 70 feet. This type of climbing is most preferred to new climbers. Most climbers, after they have been climbing for a while, start bouldering, which is when climbers follow marks on the wall which tell which holds climbers can use. Holds are usually made from resins, wood, and rock. Many of the rock holds are rocks that individuals just pick up and apply to the wall you want to use it on.

The two owners of the Climbnasium still debate when the gym was opened. One, known only as Matt who is an employee at this gym, said, “I say the week of Christmas in 1992 and the other owner says the first week of 1993.” While it is also possible to climb at Spooky Nook, that is over an hour away. Spooky Nook is not just a climbing gym like the Climbnasium. Vince Romano said,”The Climbnasium is rad, and I recommend it.”