Nutquacker Suite breaks sale record


Marissa Massare, Reporter

The 5th annual Nutquacker Suite commenced Tuesday in the pool with members of Club C.A.R.E. and some eager fans to enjoy with hundreds of ducks after a heated competition between groups. There were record breaking sales this year and multiple groups sold out within days. This led club advisers Angela Schneider, Christa Daugherty, and Doug Knol to purchase new ducks not once, but twice. The original competition was between club members Bailey Jones and Lauren Gipe to see who could outsell the other, but Sydni Lehman also joined in on the competition. Being a first year member of Club C.A.R.E., Lehman was a rookie in selling the rubber ducks for the Nutquacker Suite. Lehman said, “Lauren and Bailey were very competitive about it which made me want to beat them with selling the most.” In the end it was Jones’ group who took the title of most ducks sold with 85 while Lehman’s group sold just a few less at 80.

It wasn’t just students who bought the ducks, teachers were in on the sales as well. In fact, two teachers, Bethany Pagze and Michael Berry, took first and third place in the Nutquacker Suite race. Brittney Hoch, a sophomore, took second. Prizes for winners are $30 for first, $15 for second, and $5 for third. Club advisers will surely have to replenish the duck inventory for next year due to the amount of students keeping the ducks they chose to race. Hundreds of ducks still need to be sorted and returned to the buyers.

Club members and advisers hope that next year’s Nutquacker Suite will be just as, if not more, successful as the one held on Tuesday. Daugherty said, “We’ve never sold out before, let alone twice. It was great to see the club push each other so much, especially considering that we have a lot of new members because we lost so many seniors.” Underclassmen did just as well with their selling efforts as the returning Club C.A.R.E. members. For students who are keeping their duck(s), they will need to see the club member from whom they purchased their duck.