Big Spring begins mentoring program

Big Spring begins mentoring program

Kayleigh Walters, Reporter

This year, marks the first year that Big Spring is beginning the school based Big Brothers-Big Sisters mentoring program, that gives sophomores and juniors the opportunity to make a difference in an elementary-aged child’s life.  School Counselor, Judy Creps said, “The ‘bigs’ will take away leadership skills, the sense of having a positive impact on future generations and accountability because the “littles” always look forward to seeing them.”  Mentor, Mikala Gutshall said, “I enjoy getting to help my “little” and be there as someone for her to look up to.”  This opportunity is for sophomores and juniors because they can continue on for a second year and may even be granted college scholarships if they do not give up on on the commitment they have made.  

According to the documents handed out to the big brothers and sisters, some of the qualities that they should posses are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, and fairness. Sophomores and juniors who made this commitment go to Mt. Rock Elementary during flextime 1-2 times a week to meet with their “little.”  When mentors visit their “little”, they have to give their full attention to them the whole time to show that they care about them.  Students had to complete an application and then a Big Brother Big Sister representative interviewed them to pair them up with a “little” based on their interests.             

On March 20, mentors will take part in Bowl For Kids’ Sake.  Mentors have the option of bowling at 1 or 4 PM at Midway Bowling.  This is Big Brothers Big Sisters’ largest fundraiser that helps more “bigs” and “littles” get paired up and more friendships are gained, and improved outlooks on life can be started.  Mentors set goals on how much money they would like to raise and are currently in the process of raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Then, they have a fun day of bowling to celebrate their fundraising success.  Mentor, Megan Emlet said, “I’m looking forward to seeing the kids having fun and being happy at the Bowl for Kids’ Sake.”  There are many mentors and kids that are looking forward to this fun day of bowling.

The students who were accepted into the program this year are Sydni Lehman, Lauryn Cunningham, Paige Snyder, Megan Emlet, Natalee Holtry, Mikala Gutshall, Alexis Peck, Caitlyn Kerver, Kylee Mengle, Demi Smith, Cory Latchford and Natalie McNew.Mentor, Paige Snyder said, “If you haven’t considered signing up for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I would recommend it because it’s a really great experience.”  Due to many applications that were submitted and not enough “littles,”  students who didn’t get paired up with a “little” this year have the opportunity to become a “big” next year.