Changes coming to early release/late arrival program


Dillon Bennett, Reporter

The late arrival, early dismissal program for seniors is one valued highly among those using it, and is seen as a reward for three years of hard work.  However, this program is under revision by the administration, and some changes may be afoot.  

One of the main reasons that the administration may change this program is because of accountability issues on the district’s part.  Bill August, high school principal, said, “We are keeping the program,” but that he “wasn’t comfortable with not having any oversight over that time.”  “The liability” he says is the problem. If a student  gets hurt or gets into trouble while he/she should have been in school, it could be a problem for the district.  While he does not know exactly what the changes look like right now, August will be looking to pilot his changes and get some feedback on them in the 2nd semester.  

August believes that education is the most important thing to consider, and said, “You only get so much time to learn in your life.”  However, there is no need for this year’s juniors to be concerned about the program’s disappearance because August said,“ It (the changes) will be a light touch” and the changes to the program will make it “different but not burdensome.”

Students in the program find it to be beneficial. One such student, Ryker Armond, said that since he plays basketball and sometimes practices late, he appreciates the added hour or so of sleep.  Armond even comes in on time some days and said it’s nice because “I have plenty of time to do homework and I don’t have to worry about it at night.”  Often times Armond also makes a big breakfast or simply uses this time to sleep in.  

Faculty member, Bob McClure believes that students should “take advantage of their opportunities”  and “get as much of an education as they can now for free.”  McClure, having been an educator for a long time, believes unless a student has taken everything in the high school, they don’t need to be skipping any.  “There are not many opportunities to learn for free.” said McClure. “Education is key to everything.”  However, while the education of students is one of McClure’s main concerns it is not his only concern; safety is a priority as well. He said, “It becomes difficult to keep track of them(students) when they are released and arrive at different times.”

Regardless of opinions, changes are coming to the program, and those involved will have to wait for more information from the administration.  News on what exactly the changes could be available as soon as next semester.