Freshman scores a role in “How to be Single”


Keanna Burkholder, Reporter

Freshman Hannah Hess can be seen on Big Spring’s stage during this year’s musical, but maybe even more exciting, many may see her in the newly released movie “How to be Single” as a young Rebel Wilson.

Hess said, “My sister had an agent for acting. As I watched her do acting, I started to become interested in it. So my sister’s old agent is now my agent and she told me to put my information on a casting website. And I guess someone from the movie found me on the casting website, contacted my mom, and got me the gig. The lady called us on a Friday and told us to be in New York the following monday so we drove to New York.” Hess traveled to NYC not letting the nerves get the best of her. She said, “I was nervous at first. It was such a surreal experience. But once we got to wardrobe and make-up, it started to become more real. After that, I was mostly excited and I was like ‘Woah! This is actually happening.'”

Although she was playing a younger version of Rebel Wilson, Hess never actually got to meet her. “I never got to meet her. She wasn’t on set that day for that shooting. However, I did get to see a few other stars in the movie such as Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann, and Alison Brie.” In the movie, Hess plays the Teen Doppleganger of Robin, Wilson’s character. She said “I played a girl that reminded Dakota Johnson as herself and her friendship with Rebel Wilson when she was a kid. Aly Tricarico was the girl who played the Teen Doppleganger of Alice (Dakota Johnson). We walked down the street together for our scene. Our roles weren’t big.”

Though her role was small, she explained how much the experience meant to her. Hess said,“Even though it was small, I had a chance to know the environment and the urgency of this career path. I enjoyed it.” Hess said it was fun and it was what she wanted to do with her life. “I think I’ll pursue it through college. I like acting.” She also said that she had the chance to be in another movie over the summer, called “The Father and The Bear” starring David Deluise.

Hess’s theater teacher, Chad Feeser, also thinks acting would be a good career choice for Hess. Feeser said, “Making it as an actress takes more than skill (which Hannah has)- it also takes a lot of grit to make it into such a tough industry. I’ve worked with Hannah before in the fall play, where she was able to use that strength to her advantage. She is skilled at playing sassy, direct characters, and from what I’ve seen she has the potential to play many others. She is willing to put in the work, and I’ve no doubt that she will do well. I look forward to seeing her on the big screen!”

“How to be Single” will be released to the public tomorrow night.