Netflix remains popular choice among students


Jaime Yaukey and Lizzie Bumbarger

Here at Big Spring, Netflix has been a popular option for procrastination and a possible excuse for homework not being turned in on time. Once one episode is watched, it soon turns into a whole season and nothing gets finished. In fact, according to, 61% of Netflix users have binge watched shows.

Hanna Durff, a freshman who is among the 40 million Netflix subscribers in the United States, said that she mainly watches Netflix at night, and sometimes she’ll do it all day. “I watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Gossip Girl’.” she said. “My favorite out of those two is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and my favorite character is Christina Yang.” Durff says that she got started on Netflix because her friends recommended she try watching those shows. Now she can’t get enough. “I just wish they had more movie options because they don’t have a lot.” Durff said.

Lexi Angle, junior, and Meredith Georgeff, senior, both agree that Netflix needs more recent movies and better options. Both girls watch Netflix, usually after school. “I watch a lot of dramas and medical shows, and my favorite is ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ I plan on going into the medical field, so medical shows interest me.” Angle said, but Georgeff says her favorite shows are “Criminal Minds” and “Friends.” “I can’t pick a favorite character because I like them all,” Georgeff said.

“I watch Netflix all the time.” Leah Gutshall, junior, said. “Usually on my phone or iPad, it depends.” Whether Gutshall is using her phone or iPad though, it doesn’t change what shows she watches. She is still always watching shows that other people recommend, such as “One Tree Hill”, “Gossip Girl” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“‘The Fosters’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are what I watch,” Juvy Orillaza, senior, said. “I found the two shows because everyone talks about them.” Orillaza is into dramas and is sure to watch her shows whenever she gets the time. “My favorite character is Yang from Grey’s.” She said.

Although there are many other possibilities available for watching shows, such as Hulu or Amazon Prime, but Netflix ranks number one among the high school population for cost and selection. Not only does it have its own award winning original series, but it also offers a thirty day free trial, while the other two only offer week-long trials.