Flyers shouldn’t fly forever


Courtney Moul, Reporter

When a person walks in the halls of Big Spring High School, many things can be seen: classrooms, peers, teachers, advertisements. Advertisements everywhere. Countless students do not even take the time to look at the papers posted on the walls. Most of the time they are right to do so. If someone decides to stop and look at what these flyers are all about, they would quickly come to find out that the activities on the ads are usually outdated. The heap of useless flyers need to be taken down as soon as they go out of date.

Print advertisements are one of the most effective ways to advertise for upcoming meetings or events. Clubs like Student Council, Club C.A.R.E., and Dawg Pound all use this strategy to get the word out about what their club has prepared for the future. Things like college FAFSA help nights and other college related deadlines are found hanging up all over the school too.

The impact of such a method is quickly sucked out when the date of the event passes. This might sound like common knowledge, but in the high school the owners of the papers do not seem to get it. In leaving up these seemingly harmless parcels, it clogs up the walls with information that people cared about when it was in date, but no longer care about when it is still on the wall far past its expiration date.

A completely harmless act causes a lot of confusion after a while. If someone happens to look at the papers around the school, it is more than likely that someone will be looking at a useless flyer. This is not only confusing but irritating. The flyers could ignite false hope about participating in an event or attending a meeting that happened two weeks ago. After while, the likelihood of these old flyers falling is at an all time high, which means more trash to be found lying around too.

Luckily, this issue has a quick and simple fix. When a person, club, or organization decides to put up advertisements on the walls, they just need to take it down when their activity is over. It only takes a couple people and half of a flex time period at most to take down what was put up. Simple, yet effective, and allows more space for current advertisements to make their debuts.

The next time you see a flyer on the wall of the hallway that is out of date, tear it down.