Calling all want-to-be lacrosse players

Logan Logan and Lizzie Bumbarger

Students all around are slowly gaining more interest in a full contact sport called lacrosse played with a rubber ball and a crosse (or lacrosse) stick, and rumors about the school adding a girls’ team plagued the school until recent months.  Students have expressed a want for this sport in the past, and it has been wanted more and more since then.  The school is not currently looking to add a team, though it is possible with enough interest and determination from the student body.  

Adding lacrosse would face many challenges, which Athletic Director Jay Hockenbroch gave insight on. Hockenbroch broke down the process of adding a team to the Big Spring roster. Hockenbroch said, “I would think the best way to get started is if there are a lot of students who are playing on a club team.  Next they would have to send a letter to the Athletic Office to take to the Athletic Council, as well as state the reasons why the club team was successful and why we should have the teams added. Also include why it would benefit the school to do this.”    

But facing the Athletic Council is only the tip of the iceberg. Hockenbroch said, “One big obstacles would be the cost to support two new teams at our school when budget money is already tight.” There would need to be many fundraisers to help with the cost, as the proper protective gear

Also, a lacrosse team in the school would be difficult to have because of the cost and the lack of current players within.  Current track and field hockey player, Johanna Burrell said, “I would play if the school had a team.”  Also, Caitlyn Kerver, a junior cheerleader, would love to play lacrosse for Big Spring and feels that this addition would be great so “our athletics can grow.” Even though there is interest, our school lacks enough experienced players to be competitive.

Also, problems could arise if the school held true to the rumor and only created a girl’s team.  Sophomore Donavan Howell said, “I don’t think it’s fair. I think if they’re gonna do it, there should be either both or a co-ed.”

Putting desirability and cost aside, the benefit of having a team could be for more students to have other options when choosing a sport.  Many athletes are also interested in learning new things, and a new sport could be one.  Also, adding another sport gives more events for the student body to be involved in and to get excited for spring sports, as there are only three sports to participate in the spring compared to eight in the fall.  

Even though the chance to play lacrosse in a Big Spring jersey seems far-fetched, there still is a chance to add the sport to the roster.  With work from the students, the student body could come together to petition the athletic office with names of players and lots of fundraisers to gain the team that’s been wanted for a while.