Pokémon Go has benefits, hidden dangers


Janelle Bier, Reporter

Pokémon Go is an app that has risen in popularity lately. In fact, by the beginning of August, it had already hit 100 million downloads and was making 10 million dollars a day in revenue.   In this app, the goal is to catch Pokémon, train them, and fight them with other players’ characters.  The only way to find and capture them is to get outside and walk, run, or possibly be a passenger in a car. The app can be download on any phone, and it’s free, so everyone can play it.

Alexis Whitten, Grade 9,  believes Pokémon Go is a good way for people to get exercise, and a good way for people to meet others. Ava Mowery feels the same. She said, “Pokémon Go is an interesting game and an interesting way to meet people and get exercise.” On the other hand, Mackenzie Fritz, Grade 9,  told us she isn’t a fan of the game, and that she doesn’t think anyone should be playing it for safety reasons.

Just by roaming the halls here at Big Spring, more students than ever are playing Pokémon Go. Even teachers are playing the game. Many teachers enjoy the game, and don’t have a problem with students playing the game at school. Kathey Bravin said, ” I play Pokémon Go, and I wouldn’t mind the students playing either.” So far there hasn’t been any rare Pokémon caught, however there are still many to find in the school.

Pokémon Go has been a controversial game that has been in and out of the news for both good and bad things. A good thing about this app is that people can get meet new people, and get some exercise. One of the many downfalls of Pokémon Go is the safety concerns many parents and others have with the game. Anyone can download Pokémon Go and be directed to the same “Poke Stops” as any other user, which poses a threat for kidnapping. According to ABC27, players have crashed cars, gotten hit while crossing the street, been robbed because they weren’t paying attention to their surroundings, and even fallen off cliffs.

Millennials roam the streets of their towns and cities, hunting Pokémon. This, is another concern of many. Most players eyes are glued to the screen, looking for Pokémon that could be near them. As they walk, their character moves along the map that was created by GPS.

With a generation 2 update in the works, more evolutions are coming to the game, and it will soon be able to be paired with the Apple Watch.