Student show thanks to veterans


Ashley Brehm, Reporter

Every day, students pass by the flagpole on their way to school, but not many know to whom the flagpole is dedicated. It was dedicated to Congressional Medal of Honor winner Randall Shughart, and his cousin Barry Shughart will speak to Big Spring students during this year’s Veterans Day celebration, which comes 23 years after Randall Shughart’s death on Oct 3, 1993.

Barry Shughart will be talking about Veterans Day and what it means to celebrate it.

Randall Shughart was a Sergeant First Class. He served as a Sniper Team Member, United States Army Special Operations Command with Task Force Ranger in Mogadishu, Somalia.  He was shot and killed during his successful effort to save the life of a downed pilot, an action for which he was be awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Janeal Jaroh, another speaker, will also be doing a presentation on the history of the military and Cumberland County. Jaroh used to be a local historian, and now owns her own company. She is often found coming to classes from kindergarten all the way up to college. She tells stories about veterans and wars using real props.

TEMPUS club is once again in charge of the ceremonies on Nov 11, under the direction of Social Studies teacher, Scott Anderson.  There will be a Veterans Day Brunch too, including an omelette bar and many different pastries. The brunch started about nine to ten years ago.

Anderson said, “It’s a meal of brotherhood and sisterhood of veterans. We have this brunch as a thanks to them.”

TEMPUS is an organization dedicated to community service, particularly for veterans and children. TEMPUS means Time Eventually Makes People Understand Society.

The high school choir will sing the National Anthem, and other patriotic tunes will be played at the celebration.

Different advertisements will be popping up soon about the brunch and celebration. They will be putting it up on school’s website, and may also put up some posters about it.

“We take one day a year to set aside to thank our veterans for their service, when it should be 365 days a year.” Anderson said.

Veterans risk their lives to make sure people who are living in much more comforting conditions are safe. The brunch and celebration are ways to show the appreciation to the veterans.