Field Hockey takes on districts


Big Spring’s Field Hockey season is coming to an end, but these girls are about to fight their way through the district competition starting Wednesday in what has been a big year for the team. Their record for the season is 15 wins and 3 losses, and they come into the playoffs as the sixth seed.  They will play Lampeter-Strasburg (eleventh seed) in Mechanicsburg starting at 5.

Jaime Yaukey is the goal keeper for the team and a sophomore who has had 89 saves this year, and only allowed 8 goals this season.  She said, “It’s really exciting to get to districts because the last time we made it was 2012.  So this is our chance to advance further than they did.”  Yaukey’s older sister, Jordan was on that 2012 team, and the sibling rivalry is apparent.

Madana Tigyer is a junior on the varsity team and she chose to play field hockey because it challenges her abilities and it makes her work hard. She also has fun while doing it. She said the best advice she was ever given was, “Always stick with it, and if you see a ball go after it because it is yours.” Tigyer’s greatest achivment this year was helping her team make it to districts and contributing to her team. Advice to other girls wanting to play field hockey next year she said, “Work hard in the summer because preseason is harder than you think. So really work hard at it.” Drills that get the teams ready for games are their passing drills. All of this is what helped the team get to districts. “We, as a team, accomplished a goal that we wanted so bad and worked so hard for.”

Senior Kelly Shulenberger, who has over 100 points in her career, has been playing field hockey since middle school. She chose to play field hockey because she loves the challenge and with each skill they have there are many different ways that you can master that specific skill. Shulenberger’s advice for upcoming players is “always work hard, and enjoy every moment you have out on the field. Take any moment you are needed for the team and can have that varsity spot. Always believe in yourself and never give up.” Drills that get them ready for their games are shooting drills so that they are ready offensively. There are also drills that break down the defense for recovering on the field and different circumstances. One of Shulenberger’s superstitions is to wear her red, white, and blue bandanna every game. Shulenberger is also very excited about the next game in districts. “Our team is very excited. We have been working really hard to reach this goal all season. If we win our first game we are guaranteed 2 more games and if that happens we would be the first Big Spring team in history to make it past the first district playoff game.”

Bailey Lehman is also a senior this year and she has played field hockey since she was in 5th grade. Her sister played field hockey and she wanted to try it to be like her sister and after she tried it out she fell in love with the sport. The best advice Lehman was ever given was “to work hard, people have natural skills and they can kinda just run with that but you always have to be working hard to be better and just stay humble about it.” Lehman’s best achievement this year was begin there for her teammates because this year she really focused on team bonding and they are all a big family and they love each other. She also said “What you do off the field reflects what you do on the field so if we are a big family off then we will do well together on.” Before the games the team has a big jam session in the locker room before they go out on the field. Making it to districts is a huge deal for Lehman. She said, “It’s an awesome feeling making it to districts. My freshman year only winning 4 games I could of never imagined being here and I hope we make it far because we have worked so hard!”

Again, the game begins at 5 on Wednesday at Memorial Park in Mechanicsburg.