Seniors prepare for final curtain call


Sydney Hutchinson, Reporter

This year’s musical “Les Miserables” is seniors Jessica Teter and Kara White’s last musical. After seeing the cast list posted Friday evening, it would also seem that they were both given rather large roles within the production.  Teter will play the role of Fantine and White is this year’s student director.  Teter and White both started acting in the musicals their freshman year.  White said she “loves this play” and Teter said, she’s “beyond excited!” but both are heartbroken it’s their last.

After being a part of the theater program for 4 years now,  Teter said, “It has made me a better person, and I wouldn’t have asked for anything more!” White and Teter said they always love the casts, and people in the programs.  White said, “I’m actually the only senior who has done every single show that Big Spring has offered. I was the only one who did the Fall Musical, ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.’” Since her junior year she has been student director, and she had a lead her junior year in “Moon Over Buffalo” as well.

White recalled one of her favorite memories from early on in her career. “Freshmen year during ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’, I was slowly spinning on a chair when a few of the guys starting spinning it faster with me on it. They stop it, and then ask me to walk and of course, I fall straight on my face!”

“Les Miserables” is an overwhelmingly difficult play to perform their senior year.  White said, “I have been given more responsibility as Student Director.” This year is also different for Teter because she said, “This role in particular is drastically different from any other role I’ve had.”

Teter said her favorite memory is “All of the inside jokes every cast has shared and another was finding out about my first big role as Paulette in Legally Blonde while I was cleaning my toilet!”

They are both heartbroken that this is their last performance at Big Spring, but outside of school they are still interested in acting/theater.  White has written her own plays/musicals and has recently developed one with Christian Witmer, a student at CASA.  

The performance of “Les Miserables” will take place this coming April.