Immigration remains an issue in the U.S

Lauren Shank, Reporter

Millions of people throughout the world have left their native grounds to start a new way of life in the United States through the process of immigration on which our country was founded. Obtaining citizenship is a demanding, legal aspect of immigration to the United States, but according to the Pew Research Center, over 11 million illegal immigrants live in the US today.

Immigrants help create diversity throughout the United States, but it becomes a nuisance when a surplus of illegal immigrants cross over into the U.S border and expect to live under the benefits of welfare due to the fact that they cannot be legally identified by the Federal Government. There has been a huge incline of illegal immigrants for at least a decade, and it is often wondered why someone trying to create a better life for themselves wants to illegally live in the United States without an identity. The United States of America is a country where freedom and prosperity are automatic rights to citizens and allows immigrants who want these aspects to be able to gain legal citizenship. What cannot be understood is why so many illegal immigrants trespass U.S borders and why the U.S does not take more serious actions about preventing illegal immigration.

Naturalization is the process that immigrants go through in order to obtain citizenship. It is understandable and proven that citizenship can be a lengthy process and can include many steps. Doing the right thing by coming into the country legally should be the obvious choice, but instead, is often ignored. The CNN Immigration Statistics states that a little over one million immigrants became residence in the U.S versus the 11 million immigrants that are illegal. The issue with this is that even though the U.S welcomes legal immigrants into the country, the majority of them choose to come over illegally. It is the fault of the United States, that the country has not taken a more serious route to prevent this issue. What feels to be the most troubling is the fact that there are over half a million U.S people who are currently homeless and over 50 million people who are poor, according to the Planet Money Organization. It is without a doubt confusing why the U.S does not take serious action on preventing illegal immigrants from entering, but yet allows so many U.S citizens to live in poverty instead of the freedom and prosperity that is promised. Immigration can be a great thing for those who come legally, but it is only a given that the United States should be more focused on getting their citizens back onto their feet, rather than allow those who are not legal to get the better benefit of the doubt.