“Friday Morning Lights” comes to high school

Friday Morning Lights comes to high school

When audiences tuned in to ABC27 on November 4  in the early morning hours, they saw Big Spring students getting pumped for the LBJ game as part of the finale of ABC’s “Friday Morning Lights” series.

Started a few weeks ago, “Friday Morning Lights” is an early morning pep rally for students and teachers alike in high schools around Pennsylvania that is televised on ABC27. The morning crew of ABC27, anchors Ali Lanyon and James Crummel, reporter Amanda Peterson, and meteorologist Brett Thackara, hosted the event. Peterson said, “The Friday Morning Lights season finale at Big Spring High School was better than anyone could have expected. The kids were energetic, the staff was great to work with, and the school spirit was contagious!”

The event was centered around the football team and, of course, the LBJ game.  A video made by the parents of the football players was even shown during the segment.

Many other clubs and activities from around the school, like the Student Council, also got a chance to be featured specifically on the show.  The cheerleaders and band members showed off their skills through multiple performances. Jenna Brobst, senior and cheerleader, said, “Though it was a bit stressful at times, performing was ultimately fun, and it was a great experience with the squad.”

Though many prominent groups from around the school were interviewed, athletes and individual students like Kara White were also featured as well. White recently wrote the book for an original musical, “Maybe Less Trick”,  performed in late October. As to what it was like being on live television, White said, “It was really no different from being on stage. It’s the same adrenaline rush.” Kelly Shulenberger, who recently scored 100 field hockey career points, said it was “a little nerve-wracking because you have to think on the spot, but it’s a cool experience.”

Despite the early morning hours in which the pep rally took place,  the school pride was palpable in the gym. The students and staff alike really enjoyed the fact that Big Spring was chosen to participate in an event like this.  Chelsea McCabe, senior at Big Spring, had a terrific time at the event and said, “It was pretty crazy. I didn’t think Big Spring would ever do anything like this…it meant a lot  to the seniors especially .” Bill August, principal at Big Spring High School, said “I was very pleased with how it went. I think it was great that so many of our programs had a chance to shine.”

You can find all of the ABC segments of Friday Morning Lights here: http://abc27.com/2016/11/04/friday-morning-lights-big-spring-high-school/