Marching Bulldogs compete in championships


Hannah Hess, Reporter

The Marching Bulldogs have just finished off a very strong season. On Nov. 13, they took on 13 other schools as they competed for the Championship.

The Marching Bulldogs have been working hard since August to build up their strength before the final competition. It all started with band camp at the beginning of the season, where they learn the show, memorize the music, and learn how to march. Since then, they’ve gone to five competitions, including the Bulldog Brawl that was hosted at the high school.

Adam Nobile, band director of the Marching Bulldog said that he is very proud of how far the band has come. They competed at New Oxford in the beginning of November, where the band placed 3rd. Nobile said, “A couple of [the bands] were up in the open division and the others are in the A division. They don’t split that up until championships, but we ended up coming in third at that show, and we beat the other A bands which is awesome. That’s what got us where we were, going into championships this weekend.”

The A division includes bands who are high scoring bands and the open division includes all other bands, which is where the Marching Bulldogs stand as of right now.

Perhaps the band’s placement in these other competitions sparked hope for championships. However, Nobile claims that there were two other main components that were the best part of this season and may have sparked this hope as well.

“The first one is the fact that we were able to kind of debut our new uniforms which is a nice look for the band. The second thing would also be the fact that it’s a different show for us.” said Nobile.

Drum Major, Jay Ni, said that his experience this season has been amazing. “I love having the leadership role in the band. Being drum major is hard sometimes because I have to keep my relationship with the people in the band and still give them instruction and lead them.” said Ni.

Ni expressed his feelings for being a part of the Marching Bulldogs. “I’m so excited to perform and see how we do. But at the same time, I’m also almost sad. I’m not excited for our season to be over. But hopefully we will go down with a great performance” said Ni.

Ni, along with many of the other members of the band, had their dreams fulfilled this past weekend. The band finished in 4th place, as compared to last years 10th place, and the colorguard finished in 1st with the high auxiliary award.

Samantha Valencia, a senior representative from the colorguard, said that she is so proud of how far the new band and colorguard have come this season.

Valencia seems to love performing and have a passion competing in colorguard. She also acknowledges the hard work done by the band. Valencia said, “It’s great, except it sucks a lot because it’s hard.  It’s definitely a lot of physical activity, especially for marching band.”

“My favorite part of the season would probably be being close to my colorguard friends and the band this year,” said Valencia.

Overall, Nobile said, “It’s been a good season. It’s definitely been a challenging season as well.”