Big Spring students graduate early


Greg Kinch, Reporter

Lexi Angle, senior, is living the dream many students wish they could: she has successfully completed her high school career a half year early. Although she she has not yet received her diploma, Angle is not enrolled in any high school classes and is practically graduated. Angle has been working hard at achieving her goal, and it has not been easy for her, but hard work and a positive attitude is all it takes. Angle said, “It was possible from all my hard work. I took extra classes that I needed to graduate. Then once I did not want to go to school the last semester, I could because I had all the credits I needed.”

As it is currently the second semester, Angle is taking advantage of her free time by working towards her career goal to be a Certified Nurse Midwife. Angle is already getting a head start on college by traveling to a Penn State campus for college level classes. Angle will be a CNA on Mar 8 and plans to start working and getting experience in her field right away. She plans on working full time through summer until college begins for her at Penn State Mont Alto.

Naomi George, class of 2015, also opted to graduate early. For George it was an easy decision, as early graduation for her fit her plans to play field hockey at Hofstra University. George wanted to graduate early so she could get acquainted with her new team and begin training early to be ahead of the game. She said, “I could finish the graduation requirements in  semester and get a head start in college.”  

There are many reasons a student may want graduate early, and there are many benefits, along with potential drawbacks, in doing so. A student who decides they want to graduate clearly have a strong work ethic and a plan set in place for their future. It has a very positive impact on the impressions of teachers who have worked with these students. Dean Smith, English teacher, had nothing but praise for them. He said it is very important for students to have a plan for after graduation and those who choose to do so early have have very good plans in place. He also said, “In some ways, you can never be fully prepared.”

In order to graduate there are certain requirements all students must meet. If a student wishes to graduate early, he or she must meet these same requirements in a shorter amount of time. There isn’t any extra work involved, just larger work load over a shorter period. It is very important to know what the student wants to do after high school if they wish to graduate early, said Jocelyn Kraus, guidance counselor.