Junior travels long distance to play ice hockey


Sarah Hood, Rreporter

Johnny Brookes, a junior, frequently travels to places from Twin Ponds in Mechanicsburg, York, and Lancaster to practice for his MSMCC ice hockey team. After winning the championship game for the past two years, his team has high hopes for their upcoming championship game on March 4. Brookes said, “We are a very good team and we have a high chance of winning again this year.” The MSMCC ice hockey team consists of students from Mechanicsburg, Bishop McDevitt, Cedar Cliff, Dover, Bermudian Springs, and Big Spring.

Currently, Brookes is the only Big Spring player on the team. “Next year we might have some more players from Big Spring.” said Brookes. For the past two years, he has been playing on this team as a varsity player. In those two years, his team has received the Rothrock Cup. The Rothrock game is very important to these boys as they strive to make it there every year. This makes their third year which makes it no surprise that Brookes has high hopes for his team and believes that they are capable of great things.

In previous years, Brookes has played for other ice hockey teams. For example, during his freshman year of high school, he played on the Carlisle/Cedar Cliff ice hockey team as a varsity player. Brookes said, “This sport is very difficult as well as dangerous.” He has not only received multiple concussions, but he has also broken many bones in his body. Ice hockey is very dangerous and can result in a lot of injuries, especially serious ones. Despite all of the risks, this doesn’t stop Brookes from playing as he has plans to continue with his fourth year of playing ice hockey next year.

There are not a lot of ice hockey teams in the area but Brookes said that there are a few teams in his league as well as a few travel teams. Shippensburg, Trinity, and Redland all play on a team together and play against the MSMCC team. As for teams that travel, Brookes said, “There are many travel teams that I know of. Hershey Jr. Bears and the Capital City Vipers are the two closest.” Even though Brookes has to pay to play, travel far, and risk injuries, this does not ruin his willingness to play. As he finishes his journey through junior year and continues into his senior year, Brookes will continue to wow fans as him team takes on the next championship game.