Special Olympian Thorson named most improved


Greg Kinch, Reporter

Bitter cold snow stings his cheeks, cold crisp air fills his expanding lungs, and the crowd roars as Eric Thorson, 14, hurdles down the powdered covered slopes at the PA special Olympics, held at Seven Pines Ski Resort over Jan 29-31.

“I like to ski fast around the gates.” said Thorson. Being the speed junkie he is, he competed in three downhill ski events where the winners are based on fastest times and points scored. Thorson walked away with some blistering fast times, and victorious, being awarded a bronze medals for all three of his races.

Not only did Thorson sweep the field in his event, he was also awarded most improved skier for Area M. The most improved skier award is awarded to an individual based on criteria. Ashley Gleeson, one of Thorson’s teachers, said, “They assess improvements in skiing compared to prior competitions.” Area M is the combination of Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and Northern York Counties to compete in special Olympics. Thorson said, “I was glad I skied well and it makes me happy to be voted most improved on my team.”

Thorson not only competes in skiing, he also does track and field, bowling, and swimming. Thorson loves athletics and loves to compete. He said, “I will definitely be doing Special Olympics in the future.”