Pyrotechnics make big bang in spring musical


Luke Flynn, Reporter

Loud bangs and flashing lights were some of the most interesting parts of this year’s spring musical. Chad Feeser, the director and one of the coordinators for the pyrotechnics in this year’s show, “Les Miserables”, said, “Pyrotechnics will appear in four different scenes in the show. A shower of sparks will cover the cast at the end of the song ‘One Day More,’ and various explosions, gunshots, and smoke will be set off during the three combat scenes of the Revolution.” Feeser  said, “The cost of the pyrotechnics will be around $2,000 and the pyrotechnics are prepared by a professional fireworks company, Celebration Fireworks.” The pyrotechnics were set off by a professional (students were not involved) who had also done effects for the department during ‘Beauty and the Beast, “Into the Woods”, and the ‘Wizard of Oz”.

Emilee Fulkroad,  freshmen, went to see “Les Miserable” and she said,  “The musical was great! There was only one problem and it was the microphones were not working that well, but the pyrotechnics were fine. I wished there were more pyrotechnics.” Jena Massaro went to see the show as well, and she said, “It was awesome, but the there wasn’t enough pyrotechnics in the musical.” Feeser said that over a hundred people showed up to see the show in the three days it ran, and mentioned that they did make a profit on the musical, but would not disclose how much.

Madalyn Seiler a performer in “Les Miserable” said, “When we were all were on the barricade the first time the pyrotechnics went off we all jumped up and all of us were scared. Then after a few times we did that we weren’t as scared. Our job is to stay still and play dead. I think it took almost four times until people got used to it. The pyrotechnics were still cool and awesome I just didn’t like to stand there and play dead.”