Students travel to elementary schools for field day fun

Sarah Hood, Reporter

High school students are given the opportunity to travel down to Mount Rock, Newville, and Oak Flat Elementary in May to help with field days. This year, Dawg Pound has taken over, and is now in charge of, sign-ups and preparing the volunteers. Due to the sports leadership class no longer being offered, Bill August has asked Dawg Pound to step up. Students in the club have formed a field day committee and they work with the advisers, Megan Anderson and Ashley Oldham, to plan field day sign ups and registration. Given that Dawg Pound is only in charge of sign ups, the gym teachers at the elementary schools are the ones who do most of the planning. Oldham said, “Actually, it’s the gym teachers who plan it. Depending on if gym teachers rotate between school will determine if the events are similar or not. Dawg Pound just okays what they say as they plan everything.”

In previous years, students were eligible to sign up to spend a whole day at their desired school. However, this year things have changed a bit. Students are only allowed to spend half days at the elementary schools. The reasoning behind this is that August doesn’t want students to miss out on their classes and lunchtime. By doing it in shifts, students are still able to eat lunch at the high school and they don’t miss a full day of school. While he has a good point, there has been some controversy. Some students feel upset about this for more reasons than one. Senior, Jenna Brobst, said, “I think it’s ridiculous how they are having it be a half day with different shifts this year. I think if students get the green light from their teachers to participate, then they should be allowed to go all day.” When it comes to field day, a lot of students have younger relatives and siblings that they want to support at field day. Due to the half shifts, it makes it difficult for students to do so.

Dawg Pound has had issues with getting enough volunteers.  With there being half days and different shifts, there is a need for more volunteers. “We had no problem getting the initial amount of students to sign up, but with so many shifts and spots to fill, we’re having trouble finding enough people.” said Oldham. Typically, juniors and seniors receive first pick, since they are able to drive. However, with the lack of volunteers, Dawg Pound is taking everyone that they can get.