Students explore unique opportunities this summer


Maddie Seiler, Reporter

Students and staff wait with baited breath as the count steadily ticks down. With less than 10 days of school, everyone is looking forward to summer. For some, this means late nights, sleeping in, and vacations. But for other students, summer opens up new worlds of opportunities: mission trips, hikes, summer camps and much more.

Sophomores Bentli Burke and Ian Lay are both traveling to different countries for mission trips. Burke plans to go to Guatemala, and Lay to Belize.

Burke explained that she’s going to Antigua, Guatemala with her youth group, and that she’ll leave July 28 and return to the states on August 5.

“We are working through a program called Living Water International, and we will be putting in a well that produces clean water for the community. We’ll also be doing a vacation Bible school style week for kids.” Burke said.

A devout Christian, Burke said, “I hope to gain something spiritually, and recognize the works that happen around the country.”

“One thing my youth leader always says is that we’re going to serve even only one person, one heart and even if that heart is yours.” Burke said.

Lay will be traveling to Belmopan, Belize from July 22 to July 30. He said that the purpose of the trip is to “minister to people, provide food, and help with shelter.”

“We’re going to a part where the kids live in a dump and the get their food out of there. So we’ll be giving them food and building their shelters.” Lay said. “I’m excited to be in a different place and to spread joy. I think it’ll feel really good to give to other people that don’t really have much. I hope that I become a lot more grateful for what I have.”

Freshman Ian Ward will spend some time this summer hiking with his Boy Scout Troop.

“I’m in Troop 185, located in Huntsdale, PA.” Ward said. He explained that other Big Spring students in his troop include freshman Luke Flynn and 8th grader Ethan Miller.

From June 10 to June 15, the troop will be hiking about 50 miles on the Appalachian Trail, from the Mason Dixon Line to West Virginia. Flynn said that the troop wanted to go on the hike because it seemed like a good challenge.

“I’m excited to be one with nature. Along the Appalachian Trail in the mountains, there are some really nice views and it’s a different part of the country I haven’t really been in.” Ward said.

Sophomore, Erinne Frampton, looks forward to attending ECO (Exploring Careers Outdoors) Camp from July 9 to July 14 in White Haven, PA.

“It’s a camp where high school students can learn about outdoor careers such as forestry, geology, outdoor recreation, and park management,” Frampton said. “In addition to learning about careers, we will participate in fun outdoor activities such as camping, bicycling, and white water rafting.”

Frampton explained that she hasn’t gone before and hopes to learn more about being a park ranger.

“I’m most excited about the camping trip and being able to find out more information about becoming a park naturalist.” Frampton said.

As each school day in the final weeks comes to a close, these exciting summer opportunities grow ever closer and students prepare to embark on new adventures.