Teams on their “mark”


Alli Frick, Reporter

A new track and turf field, which will be used for field hockey, football, soccer, and track events, is ready for action at the entrance to Big Spring High School.

Although negative comments about the new addition were expressed on many social media outlets because of the cost, the district went ahead and built the 4.1 million facility to house these events anyway.

Richard Fry, superintendent, is very happy with the new track and field. Fry said, “We are extremely happy about the new field and I am excited to see the field hockey succeed, and track have their meets on the new addition.”

Fry said, “The only challenge was the cost, since it is for athletic facilities there will always people thinking that maybe some of the other facilities will need additions to, but people were very excited when the turf was going to be a new extension to the district.”

This track is more accessible to most athletes now because it is fairly close to the high school.

One of the coaches for field hockey, Emily Moyer, also expressed her thoughts on the new addition. “I think having a turf field has changed the game of field hockey, because turf is where a lot of schools are going to try to improve how they succeed.”

Last year the field hockey team was close to going to districts. Moyer said that if they had a turf field to practice on at home and being able to get used to the field, maybe it would’ve been a better experience if they would have had turf to practice on. “ I think that we have not been a turf team so far yet but if we play on grass it will end up being more bumpy on the field, plus a struggle to play a game on grass since we practice on turf.”

Paige Snyder, varsity field hockey player, said, “ I think it will help us a lot throughout the season, last year we played a lot of turf but we were never really prepared since we practiced on grass but now we have the ability to practice on turf, so now we get to practice like we play.”

Jamie Yaukey, starting varsity field hockey goalie also thought the turf field was a good idea.“ Of course it was a good idea from a goalie’s perspective. Slide tackling and diving is more fluid.”

The field hockey team has been very successful on the turf field; so far they have had two wins in their season. On the flip side of things some athletes have a different opinion on the new track and field.

Mackenzie Henry, girls soccer team forward, said, “ I feel like a turf field will help mainly just field hockey. Soccer on turf is more complex than on grass. I feel that it doesn’t really help soccer because of how our ball will roll so fast compared to field hockey, it’s simple for field hockey because the ball is small and not so complex.” 

The girls’ soccer team recently played in the stadium with a grass field and dominated the Shippensburg greyhounds, Henry scoring 3 of those goals. “Speaking of the location, to me I think that the field is close so it’s easy to access especially right after school or during gym class instead of going to the stadium with a rock track, we have a nice track here.” she included.

The location to the school is close for the students, but some of the teachers have noticed a busier parking lot after school. 

“The turf field is outstanding and good for all uses in the school district and open for the public daily” Fry said.