Alumnus becomes new swim teacher


Mackenzie Crouse, Reporter

Matthew Kump, a graduate from the Big Spring Class of 2007, is now the new swim teacher here at Big Spring after working at Yellow Breeches High School

Kump wanted to become a swim teacher because, “I was a lifeguard and head lifeguard for 7 years at the Carlisle Community Pool and worked at the Chambersburg YMCA supervising the Aquatic department, so this specific position was exactly what I wanted to do.”

Kump used to be on the swim team, ”I was originally a basketball player, but after a back injury my sophomore soccer season, I decided it would be best to stop playing basketball and join the swim team. I primarily swam butterfly, and the 100 and 200 yd. Freestyle.” said Kump

Kump has been a teacher for a few years now. “Before coming to Big Spring I was a Transition Coordinator at Yellow Breeches Educational Center, where I taught/counselled students for 3 years.” Kump stated.  Kump has prior experience with swimming and teaching.

“The best part so far of the position is being able to build new relationships with the Big Spring students, teach new classes and return back to a school district that gave so much.” Kump stated.

There were a few people that helped inspire Kump to be a teacher, “I was inspired to become a teacher by my parents, and numerous teachers at Big Spring High School, Mrs. Munson, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Daugherty, and of course Mrs. Fry, Mr. Stover, and Mr. Artz, to name a few.” Kump said.