“Check out” the new librarian


Mackenzie Crouse, Reporter

Former English teacher, Christa Daugherty, has becomes the new librarian stating she was ready for a change after teaching junior English, speech, and yearbook last year after teaching.

Daugherty likes variety and felt the need to do something different. She enjoys still being able to help with research papers, making it less confusing for students.

Daugherty does like being in the library and would love to continue this position. She still teaches yearbook and began  teaching advanced mass media this year as well.

Daugherty does not have much spare time in this new position as she often has two or three classes in the library working a day, tries to fix computers, reshelves books, lesson plans, and keeps the website up to date.

There are a variety of challenges that she faces. “Yes, variety is a challenge, like finding space for two classes and getting people to stay focused, flextime people needing to use the library for studying use it.  that is difficult because of the volume of the growler, not being able to help everyone, people coming in and asking about their computer and not knowing, Books that are lost and reshelving things wrong.”

The best part of her day is seeing students in classes. Next year Daugherty is hoping to get new furniture to move around and make the library more comfortable.