Paper or Plastic?


These are just some of the books in the BSHS library. Many students in the morning gather around in the library to do work, this also can give them a chance to pick up a book during their visit.

Students at the Big Spring High School have been assigned twice a week, to pick up a hard copy book, and read it for about 11 minutes. However, this has started to become a struggle due to students being on their electronics during that time.

The world is full of amazing surprises. Big events happen such as new inventions, world wars, and people get note of things very quickly thanks to technology. It may have positive impacts as sending and receiving messages faster, but it does have some downsides.

Recently, people at the Big Spring High School have either been choosing to read, but on their computers and phones, or have not been reading at all, and many have opinions on this.  

Rebecca Smith, freshman, who loves to read, is was a fan of reading paper books, and not online. Her favorite books to read were “Old Western” and “Concert Band.”

Smith said she reads paper copies of books, “so that the teachers don’t think that the students are playing games, or being on sites they shouldn’t be on.”


Another freshman, Eric Dangler, is someone who likes to read his book online. Although, Dangler said that he doesn’t have a favorite book. He said, “Teachers at BSHS should not try and influence students to read more paper books and not online books. Save it for English class.”

Online books, or better known as “E-books” have been around for a long time, and have become more widely popular throughout the years, and have increased in the number of people reading them as technology continues to grow.

Students like to go to the Growler in between classes, and pick up drinks and snacks to eat before and after lunch. What might concern others, is that students eating and drinking around computers, leaves a high risk for the snack or drink to get all over the computer, almost causing it to possibly break. With paper books, it takes two hands to flips the pages, and hold the book in place.

Students at the Big Spring High School have at least 11 minutes, twice a week to read a book of their choice to read. This is probably one of their only chances to read during their day, or if they have some time during class to read and maybe finish their favorite books.