Tri-FLEXA or Tri-FLAW?


Flextime manager viewed on the computer whenever you log onto your school account.

Ishmael Kirkwood, Reporter

TRI-FLEXA, or Trouble-FLEXA, has been a hot topic, but not a “good” type of hot, recently. The recent news about it and troubleshooting has just been too much for students and teachers. It’s annoying that the people who run FlexTime had one million problems with the system, and school has only been in session for 2 months, and nobody wants to decide to change back to the original program that worked last year. 

Flex Time manager is a program that allows students to choose a teacher to see over a certain allotted time. 

It has worked… sometimes. Other times, numerous times, it has malfunctioned.

Previously, students have encountered times where they couldn’t go to their class because flextime wouldn’t let them sign up, whether it was denying them or it wouldn’t even load. Teachers then would have to sign them up manually, or “request them”, during that period so they didn’t go to “flextime prison.”

Multiple teachers have complained about it, too, so it isn’t just students that have problems. There have been multiple times where teachers couldn’t even log in, and when they could, it wouldn’t let them request anybody,  even make a flextime for a certain time whether it would be A, B, or C.

Flextime probably will be an occurring problem throughout the year. There aren’t any signs of it changing back to the original way that it was, or even getting rid of it. Last year, everybody had one flex and one lunch. It was simple.

The main reason that FlexTime was created this way this year is because Vo-Tech students didn’t have a flextime last year. They always had to eat B lunch, and after B lunch, they would go to their Period 5 class. However, having 3 flexes does not help Vo-Tech students. They end up getting here at C Lunch, which is the last lunch that students are able to eat. So, the main reason that “Tri-FLEXA” became a thing doesn’t even matter.

Flextime is a useful thing, but it’s not as useful whenever it doesn’t cooperate.