Tri-M harmonizes holiday cheer


Tri-M students play Christmas carols early in the school day to get students excited for break.

Hannah Custer, Repoter

Tri-M, the music honors society, is lined up this year to spread holiday cheer to the students on their way to classes.

The name Tri-M was derived from the original name of the honor society, Modern Music Masters. All of the music students were carefully selected on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. As a music honors society, Tri-M gives back to the community in the terms of music.  “As musicians, we like to benefit the community and our school name within the community.” said Brandon Mooney, club president.

To spread joy for the holiday season, the musicians carol around the school building in between classes for the students.  “We’re caroling so that people can listen to music and enjoy the season so the school day isn’t miserable especially right before winter break.” said Allison Beecher, “I love caroling! People always stop and listen and it makes us all really happy.”  

Many new members are joining the organization as well!  Over 15 new members were inducted in the recent induction and they are all proud to be a part of it.  Dalton Eberts, sophomore member said, “I really enjoy being a part of something that expresses music to our community and I’m excited to see many of my peers getting involved in Tri-M too.”  As the honors society grows, so does the influence of music in the school.  

This year seems to be a good year for Tri-M as they are branching out in the community and the school.  There are plans for a future clothing drive, an instrument drive, and future fundraisers to help spread music appreciation.