Student soars to Argentina for new opportunities


Ella Pagel a student at Big Spring travels to Argentina. She will be studying there for one year.

Mackenzie Crouse, Reporter

This February, Ella Pagel is traveling to Argentina for one year thanks to a scholarship called Speedwell Scholarship through the American Field Service.

Thanks to the American Field Service and her scholarship, she is able to take this wonderful opportunity and travel to Argentina. “I am going through a program called the American Field Service (AFS). It’s a very costly program. But I was lucky enough to get one of the full scholarships, and my tuition, plane ticket, and year there is paid for by the scholarship.” said Pagel.

Pagel is very excited for this amazing opportunity. “I’m really looking forward to such an amazing experience. It’s hard to believe right now, that I’ll be living such a different life in just a few months.” said Pagel. “I’m excited to have such a short school day 9 am to 1 pm ,and to be able to take siestas.” Although Pagel is excited, she is nervous as well. “ There’s a first for everything and for me this is it; I’m ready to leave this place and travel the world. I think it will be hard the first couple months when I am struggling to learn Spanish enough to talk to people.” said Pagel.

Pagel will be attending an Argentinian Private high school called the IMEI Institute. “It is about a 10-minute walk from my house. There are about 20 kids in my class, and I already know there is another exchange student in my class, from Thailand.” said Pagel. “I will be learning a lot of Spanish, learning and experiencing the Argentinian culture.”

Although there is not a lot of school sports, many of the high schoolers there play on community teams. “It is a very hot climate in the region of Argentina where I will be living, so I hope to be able to join a swimming team. I am pretty open to joining any sports team in Argentina. I do plan to continue my art.” said Pagel.

She has a good impression of the couple she will be stay with for the year. “They are very sweet and have even inquired what is my favorite color, and are painting my room for me!” said Pagel. Her family is supportive of her going to Argentina and having this experience. “I am blessed to have such a supporting family. My little 6-year-old sister doesn’t want me to go. My family will miss me, and I them, but this is really important to me, and they understand and support me in that.” said Pagel.

Pagel is very happy and excited to be taking this opportunity to go to Argentina. Many students are able to have this opportunity as well through the American Field Service.