Farm Show arrives in PA


These are one of the many animals you can have a chance to look at, the Peacocks! 4 were shown this year, and gathered crowds around.

Sabrina Randall, Reporter

The 2018 Farm Show takes place from Jan 6-13 of this year, bringing over 6,000 different animals, vendors, contests, and the massive, 1,000 pound butter sculpture to Harrisburg.

According to PennLive, This year’s butter sculpture features a dairy cow and a dairy farmer who help the seedlings become corn, that is used to feed their dairy cows.

This year, Jim Victor and Marie Pelton have constructed the butter sculpture They both specialize in building sculptures from food.

This in all, took about 20 days to complete. Victor has been working on the yearly butter sculptures since 2003, and in 2008, and Pelton decided to join in.

Katherine Baker, Big Spring Dental office worker, has been going along with her family to the Farm every year.

“I’ve been going for about 7 to 8 years, and I love to see the animals, the sheep and the horses, cows, and I love to visit the butterfly house. My favorite thing to do there is get their food, such as Potato Donuts, and Maple Cotton Candy.” said Baker.

“I like to get the Maple Syrup as well because it can last me throughout the whole year, and it tastes delicious.” This year, Baker is going to go with her daughter, step-daughter, son, step-son, and her husband, Michael Baker.

“I love going there for the wine tasting,” said Michael Baker. “I’ve been going for about 5 years, and my favorite time to go and buy the maple cotton candy; it’s the only time I can!”