Sing Sing Sing: new jazz band takes a swing


Hannah Custer, Reporter

Due to high demand, the Big Spring Music Department will now be home to two jazz bands for music students this year.  The original Twilight Jazz Ensemble will remain with the addition of the Gold, Silk, and Satin Lab Band.  

“There are a lot of students who are interested in jazz this year!” said Adam Nobile, director.  “We used to have too many people in certain sections, so we would have to audition and cut some people.”  Jazz bands are smaller than a regular concert band and typically are limited to only have brass or reeded instruments.  Also, they do not practice as much as the concert band as the bands only practice two times each week.

The students seem to be rather excited as well. Grace Patterson, junior, said, “I like that there are two jazz bands.  It gives people who are learning a new instrument a chance to experience jazz.” Most musicians are anxious to see the bands growing.  Returning member Noah Cramm said, “I think it’s good that we have two.  We can focus on building more advanced musicians.”

This year will be a big year as the selections for this year are challenging.  “It’s going to be neat! I’ve never been by myself on an individual part for my instrument!” said Alex Walmer.  As rehearsals begin on Jan 18, everyone is excited to either return to the jazz band or try something new.

The jazz bands have multiple performances coming up and according to the students, it should be a great year.