Parking lot creates possible new canvas


Soon the parking lot could be painted with the creativity of seniors.

Ava Mowery, Reporter

Seniors at Big Spring High School may soon be given the opportunity to personalize their own parking spaces in an initiative which was sparked by pictures on social media. “I’ve seen schools on social media that give seniors the opportunity to paint their parking spots, and I want Big Spring to join this trend.” said, junior, Colin Boyd. Boyd, one of the leaders of this idea, has taken inspiration from Instagram and Twitter posts showing the creativity of seniors and wants to instill this as a new Big Spring tradition. “No local schools have done this before. We could be the first.”

During advisement, Bill August, principal, spoke with the students about possible ways to improve the high school. The idea of seniors having the ability to paint their parking spots was thrown into the conversation. “I’m very open to the idea.” said August, but wants the proposal to be completely student driven. He encourages the entire student body and clubs to come together for a joint cause. Students would select their parking spots based on a first come first serve basis during a specific week over summer. “If I was able to have my parking spot next to all of my friends and they participated, I would also, but if nobody else was doing it then I wouldn’t either.” said, sophomore, Janelle Bier. Designs that students wanted to paint would have to be approved by the school. “I like this idea, but I don’t know how many students would take the time to have the school approve the design and to actually paint their spot. I see it becoming a lot of work for the school and students.” said, senior, Cole Dobyns. However, August has no doubt that the students would be respectful and appropriate with their designs. “I have overwhelming trust for our students and don’t see the approval process being an issue.” said August.  At the end of each year, the spots would be painted over for the next set of seniors.

Boyd has started reaching out to clubs, trying to sort out the logistics of this idea. Student Council is working with Boyd to answer questions and to talk out the details of painting the parking spots and purchasing the paint. Boyd and other students are currently busy figuring out ways to make this future opportunity possible.

Seniors, would you paint your own parking spaces if given the opportunity?

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