New renovations planned for high school


The lockers of Big Spring High School, which some of these will be removed beginning this summer. More renovations will occur this summer and the summer of 2019.

Noah Blessing, Reporter

This summer and the summer of 2019, Big Spring High School will be experiencing renovations which include removal of some of the lockers, lighting upgrades in the natatorium, sound upgrades in the auditorium, improvement of acoustics in the music room, and expansion of the agriculture classrooms.  The biggest reason for the renovations is to add more space and opportunity for the students at Big Spring.

Kevin Roberts, assistant superintendent, said, “Some renovations are scheduled at the high school for this coming summer and the following summer.  This year we are looking to complete some auditorium sound upgrades, lighting upgrades in the natatorium, and to improve some of the acoustics in the band room.  In addition, we are looking to remove some of the lockers to create flexible learning spaces for students and staff.”

Students have responded to some questions about the removal of some of the locker spaces and the flexible seating area. Sabrina Randall, freshman said, “It would make it harder to walk around.” Alexa Lenz, another freshman, said, “I think it’s not needed.” However some students are responding with thoughts that this new area will be used every day.

Roberts talking about the summer of 2019, said,  “We look to complete a few window replacements and address some room needs in the Technology Education and Agricultural Education classrooms.” However, the renovation ideas are still in the planning stages. “The work is tentatively planned as of now and the scope of the work could certainly change over the next few months.”

There are even more plans for future renovations for the high school over the next couple summers.