Hey PDA, go away


Students stand close together by the lockers before class. PDA is an issue at the high school.

Ava Mowery, Reporter

Sitting in the Growler. Down the hall. Climbing the stairs. Getting books out of a locker. Then suddenly, a student sees them. Oh no! It’s THAT couple. Hands intertwined and lips colliding together. The student’s innocence quickly leaves their disgusted body as they run away, hands covering their eyes. They sob to themselves and repeat the same phrase over and over again: schools are not the place for PDA.  

PDA stands for public display of affection. The Big Spring Student Handbook says that no public displays of affection are allowed on school grounds or at school events. However, this is currently not enforced. When someone thinks of PDA, normally they think of holding hands or hugging. However, that is not the issue within our school. The issue in our school is the excessive PDA that involves hands all over each others body’s and lips on lips on a 24/7 basis. Everyone can agree that holding hands is very different than being all over each other.

Students shouldn’t have to witness these actions on a day to day basis when trying to eat lunch, read a book, or walk to class. “My boyfriend and I hold hands, but you would never see us all over each other in front of the student body. It’s pretty gross to see couples having no boundaries in front of their peers.” said Janelle Bier, sophomore. Most people see couples in corners in the hallways or between bookshelves in the library getting a little too comfortable with each other. “There’s a time and a place for showing affection. I don’t think that school is the right time or place for that.” said Kenzie Fritz, sophomore.  

There’s only one way to solve the issue of uncontrolled PDA: to make students feel a little awkward. Couples that display excessive affection have no shame and have no consideration for those around them. The only way to get couples to cool it with the PDA is to keep a watchful eye on them. Teachers should monitor the library and Growler for students getting cozy and keep an eye out for couples gathering in the corners of the hallways for an excessive amount of time. Holding hands and offering a quick hug before class is one thing, but making out with each other is another thing.

The issue of PDA will never be able to be completely solved but it is necessary to try. “Honestly, it makes me very uncomfortable to watch couples make out while I’m trying to eat at lunch.” said Garrett Russell, a sophomore. We shouldn’t allow onlookers to be uncomfortable so couples can show affection in a school setting. A school is a place to learn and get an education, not to meet up with a boyfriend or girlfriend.