Administrators investigate bathroom threat


Adam McKeehan, Reporter

On Thursday March 22, teachers and administration were called to an emergency faculty meeting after school. Teachers, and later student’s families, were informed of a threat that was found in a restroom. The threat, which was etched into a bathroom stall, contained the words “shoot” and “April 5th.” Due to the quick action of reporting the threat by the student who discovered it, law enforcement was able to investigate thoroughly. An increased presence in law enforcement will be at the high school leading up to and on April 5 as a precautionary safety measure. Additionally, other safety measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Upon asking students about their thoughts of credibility and possible concerns about attending school that day, Kaylee Enck, sophomore musical member finds the threat credible but said she isn’t worried because “I have a show that day, I can’t miss school.” Ali Stull, freshman, said, “I think they’re a copycat and like just trying to be like the others. I can’t miss school; my mom won’t let me.”

An investigation is still underway to find potential suspects that could have created this threat. Any questions about school safety measures should be directed to the high school or district office.