New event hopes to make a “splash”

Ava Mowery, Reporter

Students will soon be able to get revenge on their teachers and dunk their peers in a new dunk tank event to be held before the Powder Puff Game.

Powder Puff is an annual event at Big Spring that involves the juniors and seniors and is planned by Student Council.  Powder Puff reverses the normal game of football and has the girls play the game and the boys participate as the cheerleaders. The game itself brings quite a few spectators because of the excitement of the game and the intricate performances from the cheerleaders, but this year Student Council is trying to get even more people involved.

Student Council’s Morale Committee has planned a tailgate before Powder Puff begins. There will be food, face paint, backyard games, and the part everyone is looking forward to; a dunk tank for teachers and students. “Powder Puff is already a big event for the school, but this year we wanted to try to reach out to underclassmen who don’t get to participate in the game and to community members.” said Amelia Ingraham, a junior and member of the Morale Committee.

Teachers and students will have the opportunity to dunk their peers for a good cause. Throwers will be able to purchase 3 balls for $1 to attempt to dunk the person inside the tank. The proceeds from the tank will go to the Four Diamonds Fund, the charity whose mission is to conquer childhood cancer. “Since this year was an off year for Mini-Thon, we wanted to try to raise money for Four Diamonds this year.” said Ingraham.

A sign up sheet will be distributed to advisement teachers so students can sign up or nominate peers from their graduating class. Students are encouraged to nominate their friends for the tank. However, all student nominations must be accepted by the nominee. The Morale Committee hopes to get one or two students from each grade to participate. “I think it sounds really fun. I would definitely come to dunk a few of my teachers and students from my class.” said Garrett Russell, a sophomore.

The event is open to the community in hopes that new faces will come to watch the game and grow in school spirit. There will be different backyard games including cornhole and ladder ball for people to play while waiting for the game to start. Student Council members will be there to paint different designs on students faces. Band boosters will be opening early at 4 so food can also be bought while being at the tailgate.