Students compete in Safe Driving Competition


Olivia Lusk, Reporter

Big Spring students recently competed in the annual Cumberland/Franklin County division of the Safe Driving Competition for Youth. This is the second time Big Spring students have participated in the event. The overall team placed third, and Junior, Jarrett Blake, placed first overall.

The competition was hosted through Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (or Penn DOT) along with several other transportation organizations. The motive of the competition is to promote safer driving among teenagers across the state.

Jade Eastham, Junior, also competed in the safe driving competition. “It was really fun!” Eastham said. “There were two different counties there, and they had three different tests. The driving test was actually more difficult than I thought it would be.”

According to their official website, the competitors are tested in three areas: written, visual, and driving skills test including an obstacle course.  The written test is similar to those taken for a permit test. The visual test shows the participant a picture and then tests his/her knowledge in what was in the picture. Lastly, there is a behind the wheel driving test. Through these three tests, the winners are chosen. The winners then go on to compete against other teenagers across Pennsylvania at states.

Micah Artz teaches Driver’s Ed and accompanied the students to the competition.  “They seem to have a lot of fun with it.” Artz also encourages students to participate in future years. “I think it’s a great learning experience in different aspects.”

By placing first overall, Blake received a $650 prize and a trip to States on May 7. Blake will also have a chance of placing first overall and winning up to $5,000.