Say “yes” to promposals

Ava Mowery, Reporter

Imagine this. Your prom date is walking down the hallway when all of her friends line the hall holding flowers. When she gets to the end of the hallway, you stand, holding a bouquet of her favorite roses with a poster that reads, “Prom?” Your date eagerly says yes and will remember this moment for years to come. Is this necessary?

The 2018 prom season came to a close last weekend after Big Spring hosted their prom at the Carlisle Barracks on Saturday. Prom this year brought different, creative promposals. The word promposal is a word that refers to a proposal by either a male/female to a prospective date for prom.  “Promposals” can be as simplistic as passing a note or as elaborate as proposing with a flash mob. Some people debate on whether or not promposals are getting out of hand, however most people say no.

“Seeing all the different promposals during prom season is one of the best parts,” said Amelia Ingraham, a junior. Many people, especially girls, agree that a good promposal is more than necessary. “I spend hours getting ready, purchase an incredibly expensive dress, get my hair done, and get my nails done. The least my date can do is think up a cute way to ask me to prom,” said Janelle Bier, a sophomore.

Another reason for the promposal is the picture moment afterwards. The person who gets asked to prom gets to show off the way their date asked them to prom. Their friends get to comment on the promposal and congratulate the person who came up with the promposal. Both the creator of the promposal and the person asked him or her get the fame of having the best promposal. “It’s pretty hard to think about a creative idea, but once I figure out what I’m going to do I get excited to put it together,” said Nick Thomas, a junior.

A good promposal is all a part of prom season and is quickly growing into a season tradition. Students will continue to think up new, exciting ideas and will be eager to show these ideas off. Promposals are one of the most important aspects of prom and are necessary for a good prom story.