Boy Scouts allow girls to join

Adam McKeehan, Reporter

Earlier this month, the Boy Scouts of America announced that they would welcome girls into their program. Beginning in February, the BSA will be changing its name to Scouts BSA. The change was announced as part of the organization’s new Scout Me In marketing campaign, which features girls and boys. Differing opinions have been popping up across the country including math teacher Heather Detwiler, whose daughter is a girl scout. “I think it’s going to make things complicated for that organization. I feel as though it’s called Boy Scouts for a reason.”

Michaela Carr, sophomore who currently is a Girl Scout, said “I feel like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts should be separated. They make alternative things like “Adventure Scouts” where both boys and girls can join, and they do most of the stuff Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts do.”

Freshman Tyler Hunt, who was once a Cub Scout, said, “I think it’s amazing that Boy Scouts are finally changing and adapting with the times.”

This decision  allowing boys and girls to come together is the next step from previous decisions including the allowance of gay scout leaders and allowing transgender teens to join Boy Scouts as well. The organization has seen a decline in membership over the past several years and sees this step as a hopeful way to get more children and teens interested in joining what will soon be Scouts BSA. More information can be found on the official BSA website.