Innovation lab inspires learning


Natalie Showers, Reporter

An innovation lab with newly purchased furniture was installed  over the summer and the beginning of the 2018- 2019 school year where the senior lockers used to be. According to principal, Bill August, the purpose of the lab is a “place where teachers and students can go and have a comfortable learning space.” In reference to what can be done in the innovation lab, August said, “There are several things, but some things that I think could help a student learn would be the genius bar where you can sit and communicate with one another. Another thing I think could help would be the whiteboard wall where students can write down ideas and share them with one another.” The idea of the lab came from many staff members going to a conference and getting a sense of what could work for Big Spring.

According to Lauren Hetrick, a social studies teacher, the best part of the lab is the variety of furniture which is easily moveable and adaptable. If she could change something about the lab, Hetrick said, “I would personally prefer more plug-ins just in case students would have to charge their computers.” The only reason they have attended the lab as a class is for something specific or for a change of environment.

According to Julia Angeny, a junior and a student who has used to lab multiple times, said she would change how many times the teachers want to attend the lab. Angeny said, “One thing I personally like about it is the comfortable seating and being able to interact with other students.” Overall she said loves the lab and would recommend other students and teachers to attend when necessary.