Teachers open club for eager students.



Luke Hand, Interviewer

Big Spring High School has opportunities for students to get more involved in clubs at the high school, especially the new clubs that have come up this year. The newest clubs are the Sphero club and Spanish club. The Sphero club is run by Wendy Hankes, math teacher, and the club is about programming a small round robot around the classroom. “There are competitions, like doing mazes, jousting, and races,” said Hankes. It is open on Wednesday, C flex, and anyone is welcome to join the club.

The Spanish club is run by Spanish teacher, Senora Larose. The club does multiple activities in Spanish. This includes teaching basic Spanish skills at Mount Rock Elementary and doing the Pulsera Project, which is a non-profit organization that sells a bracelet for five dollars. The money is sent back to Nicaragua and Guatemala which is in the middle of North America and South America in the tiny strip that connects them. They celebrate Day of the Dead, a holiday that starts on Nov. 1 and ends on Nov. 2 honoring their family that passed on. This club is open on Tuesday C flex for anyone who wants to join.

Origami Club is run by Lisa Velazquez, math teacher. The club folds paper. “You don’t have to be good at Origami to come—we are all learning new things!” Wednesday, A Flex is when this club meets and again, all are welcome.

Students can join academic clubs such as STEM club, Rho Kappa, GEARS and the AMC math club to improve your education and have fun.

GEARS is run by Christina Hagood and Bethany Pagze. This club, although under different names, has published the high school literary magazine annually since 1968. Every student in grades nine through twelve at Big Spring High School is given the opportunity to join the staff. The club meets once or twice a week and is financed by fundraisers. Once a member, one becomes part of a team. The team is loosely divided to focus on particular subjects for the magazine: art, writing, and publishing. “Any type of art or expression is welcome! We are a student-run publication, and our job is to get what students want to say out there.” The club opens on Friday a flex. Everyone is welcome to apply.

STEM club is run by Marshall Policicchio. “STEM represents Science Technology Engineering and Math and this club allows students to experience 3 Major concepts. Students learn new game making engines, then they make a game and finally they and the classmates play these new games and give each other feedback.  In addition, they are looking to compete in video game design competitions.” Anybody can attend the club which is open on Thursdays Flex C.

AMC club is run by Sue Thompson. This club does advanced math and is welcome to anyone who thinks they are strong in math and enjoys it. They are doing a competition on real-world problems on either February 7 or 13 during club times, A flex.

The Rho Kappa club is run by Jim Miller, social studies teacher. Rho Kappa club does ,”Community and school service projects related to Social Studies. If you meet the requirements established by the National Council for Social Studies, you can join.” One event they hold is the voter registration drive. The club opens up in spring.

There are just looking for fun clubs such as Card Games club, Theater club, and RPG club.

Card Games club is run by Michelle Bear. “Students can play whatever the cards provided or bring their own.” The club is open on Monday C flex and anyone is welcome to the club.

RPG club and Theater club are hosted by Chad Feeser. Theater club, “Plays improv and acting games and scenes to improve performing ability.” This is open Thursday A flex and anyone is welcome to the club. You don’t need the experience to join. RPG club, “plays role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons” This is also open to anyone during A flex.

\There are clubs help in community service and positive decisions such as Club CARE, TEMPUS, SADD, Art club and Dawg Pound.

Club CARE advisors are Christa Daugherty, Doug Knol, and Angela Schneider, Their club does community service projects. Some events are the Nutquacker Suite in December and Children’s Grief Awareness Day in November. They are also responsible for a charity dodgeball tournament and Operation Beautiful Week.  This club is by spring applications. 

Tempus is by Scott Anderson. “We are a community service club that focuses particularly on veterans and children.” Membership is through application and new members are placed on probation and assigned a Tempus Officer as a buddy if they gain membership. They meet A Lunch on Mondays

Here are a couple of events in the club, They have Fall and Spring Route 233 Clean-up, Veterans’ Day Wreath and Flag changing ceremony, Veterans’ Brunch, Winter Family Movie Night, Oak Flat Railroad Day, and Spring Movie Fling

Tyler Henry runs the SADD club. He said,” (This club) promotes positive decision making., One event is Red Ribbon week.” This is also a club that gains members through the application process.

Judith Mislitski runs the Art club. Senior, Hailey Barnhart, a member of the club, said, “This club includes painting Saylor’s windows, donating art to Mini-THON, and helping other clubs. It’s open on Thursday C Lunch, and students can apply in the spring.

Megan Anderson runs Dawg Pound Club president, Rebecca Fickel, said, “We coordinate the school’s spirit weeks, pep rallies, teacher appreciation efforts, and all things school spirit.” although this year at the max, students can apply next year. “Come to the pink out breast cancer awareness game Oct. 12. Participate in spirit weeks, have school spirit and don’t be afraid to get involved.

If students are interested in getting involved with a religious club, join Club ADURO, run by Amanda Frankford. “The club provides the students a place to worship and study the Bible. We do weekly Bible studies.” One event they hold is See You At The Pole (SYATP) on Sept. 26. The club opens on C flex Monday.


If a student wants to exercise, join this club: Dance Fitness. Lisa Black runs the Dance Fitness club. “We exercise using dance videos, and everyone is welcome Friday C Flex”