Social media connects the world


Kennedy Sheriff, Reporter

Technology and social media have sculpted lines in the world today that connect people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. If we believe the popular opinion, that social media is the downfall of society and of teenagers, than we are closing our eyes to great potential that both social media and technology have to make us more connected, more informed, and potentially healthier and happier.

Social media has created an avenue for companies to use to advertise their products. According to ADWEEK, 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels to brand and advertise for their companies. These brands are using social media to get their product in people’s minds. Brands also use ambassadors on apps such as Instagram to promote their products. HOOTSUITE tells that social media advertising revenue is estimated at $51.3 billion dollars for 2018 The fact that we as a society are communicating more than ever, immediately discredits the common opinion that “People don’t talk anymore; they’re to busy on their phones.” This also helps to make certain groups of people feel less isolated, including the elderly and those with mental health disorders.

Technology is also extremely effective in schools and to aid learning. Google itself processes over 100 billion searches a month, points out Mashable. Over 100 billion people are finding information through the technology of today. This information can be used on a daily basis, and can prove to be especially useful in a classroom setting. Educators and students are using technology more and more to help form a deeper understanding, and create a more collaborative classroom. These teachers and students are using the readily available technology to aid their learning, and to help them understand what is taught in schools. Many schools are taking a more technological approach. Thousands of high schools across the country are taking the school-issued device route. This makes it easier for students to complete schoolwork at home and for them to of independent research. It also creates an environment with easier collaboration.

Not only does social media and technology improve communication, business marketing, and education, but it can also improve our health overall. Social media allows doctors to connect with each other and share research, thoughts, and cases. This helps many doctors to improve their services, and to provide a better experience for their patients. In fact, according to Spark Report, 60% of doctors say that social media improves the quality of health care delivered to their patients. The doctors expand their knowledge through their peers and social media, which is super important and can be extremely helpful to doctors and the patients they are helping. In addition, there are many health and motivation apps on mobile devices. These apps were built for the purpose of keeping the user healthy. They can help to track diet, exercise, and even sleep cycles.

Social media and improvements in technology have served their purpose, and gone beyond it. These companies and apps, if used to their full potential can inspire connections, help to improve marketing for businesses, aid with learning, and help the user to stay healthy and motivated. Social media helps to improve this world, and helps everyone to stay connected, informed, and healthy.