Students control the stage


This is the sound board that is used in Lighting and Sound Design and is located in the auditorium. The sound board was a new addition to the course due to being new this school year.

McKenzie Dingman, Reporter

Lighting and Sound Design is a course, at Big Spring High School, that is taught by Adam Nobile and has been an offered course since last year. The class is all about learning the technical aspects of musicals.

“[Students learn about] how to light the stage, how to use the sound and microphones, and how to use spotlights,” said James Wiley, a junior that is taking Lighting and Sound Design this school year. “[The hardest thing to learn] is all of the buttons on the lighting system.”

Although Lighting and Sound Design is a relatively new course offered at Big Spring, it has had some major changes in how the class is taught. Nobile said, “The equipment that was put in over the summer caused great changes in the teaching of Lighting and Sound Design. The new equipment proved to be a learning curve due to all the new lights and controls.”

Lighting and Sound Design has many things taught in it that are found either interesting or partially boring to both students and Nobile. Nobile said that his favorite lesson to teach his Lighting and Sound Design class is, “sound because they get to play with the effects.” Neither the students nor Nobile enjoy the historical aspects or all the terminology of the course. Wiley said, “[My favorite thing to learn in Lighting and Sound Design is] how to light the stage.”

The final for this class is a two part final consisting a written portion and a final product of what the students have learned throughout the course where the students control the lighting and sound of a theatrical production.

“[My advice to new students taking Lighting and Sound Design is] pay attention because you will need to know how to use the equipment for the final,” said Wiley.