Everyone Loves Bulldog fails to meet expectations


The movie poster for the short film “Everyone Loves Bulldog”

Cody Jones, Reporter

Have no idea what to do during Christmas break when school is out and can’t go out in the snow? Then look no further to the movie “Everyone Loves Bulldog”, the movie that was filmed right here at Big Spring High School! It was a short film about a girl who falls in love with the Big Spring High School mascot, Bulldog. Students at Big Spring were excited about the film and had high hopes for it. That is until it came out on Nov 27.

Here is the backstory to the film: A girl named Val, breaks up with her boyfriend Danny, to be with Bulldog. She then takes bulldog home with her. The school cancels a pep rally scheduled for Friday because Bulldog is gone. She realizes her mistake and brings him back that very night. The school has the pep rally and everyone is happy and excited for the game. Oh, and the janitor believes in aliens and UFOs too. He gets abducted in the end.

Wow what an amazing concept for a film, I’m going to go watch it. Just do that after this review. The production and sound of the film was very well done. It was just the story line that was off. It’s confusing how the short film switches between scenes. When Val takes Bulldog for the first time, you don’t really know that she took it. After the scene where it shows her in the room where Bulldog is kept, it goes to a dinner scene with her parents.

Nothing can compare to the bedroom scene after the dinner with her parents. This is where the film starts to get pretty weird. It’s almost in a way awkward to watch the first time through. Even in the behind the scenes, the film producers say they only have people in there who need to be during filming. Want to know more about this scene? Watch the film because this review is not explaining what happened.

Time to talk about the acting for this film. The acting is not the best but it certainly is not the worst. The day after Val takes Bulldog back to her house, everyone is freaking out. One girl even made flyers to find Bulldog. Danny meets up with Val in between classes and talks to her. He starts to “cry” but it didn’t capture true emotion. It seemed like it was staged and felt fake. Another scene that did not capture true emotion was also between Val and Danny. The beginning scene of the film shows the couple making out in the bleachers as it zooms in. Val is obviously distracted and thinking about something else. She then breaks up with Danny to be with Bulldog. Danny does not seem upset that the fact she broke up with him and doesn’t capture the moment of heartbreak.

After the film came out, the talk about it was all the rage with students at Big Spring High School. Students could not go anywhere in the school without hearing something about the film. In the library, someone across the room would whisper loudly about it. This movie was everywhere.

There is so much more that this didn’t cover in the film from the ending to the crazy abduction of the janitor. All in all, the film doesn’t really capture what Big Spring schools represent. The film is more focused on romance than what we are as students. If someone does film another movie here at the high school, let’s hope they can make it about what all the schools are about and not some crazy romance with a mascot.