High school brings back popular musical for 10 year anniversary

Seussical is a widelyknown show. The logo for the show will be similar to this image.

“Seussical” is a widelyknown show. The logo for the show will be similar to this image.

Leah Eichelberger, Reporter

Big Spring High School’s Theater Productions will be performing the popular hit “Seussicalfor its 10 year reunion and will be performed in the Spring of 2019. Chad Feeser, director, said the 2009 show was such a hit that he predicts the 2019 show to be just as popular. “Seussical in 2019 will be the exact same show as the one 10 years ago.

Seussical is a musical that is engaging for the whole family, and takes audiences into Dr. Seuss’s world, where all of his characters are combined into one musical.“Seussical” is one of the most produced musicals in the country as of today according to the US National Tour Version. This musical teaches everyone to stick to what they believe in and that it is alright to be unique and not follow the crowd.

Big Spring High School’s theater production has come a long way in the past 10 years. Over the summer, the auditorium was under renovation to bring a new lighting system in. Feeser said, “I expect that the technical aspects of the show (lighting, set, costumes) will be VASTLY improved creating a much more visually attractive show.”

Having a high quantity and quality of talent in Big Spring High School sets the expectation high for the upcoming spring performance. Tyler Wonders, Big Spring High School alum and former Horton in “Seussical” had a few words about his experience and his thoughts on the show in 2019. He said, “ I liked being Horton for all 6 shows, because he is the big, lovable, caring, sensitive elephant that is the outcast and no one believes until the end.  I was not the outcast in high school, but everything else seemed to fit me.” Wonders wishes that there is some sort of fun thing the 10th anniversary cast and the original cast get to do together.  “I think that would be a lot of fun bringing us together.” This year Horton will be played by Tyler Hunt.

Shannon McCoy, another Big Spring High School alum and former Mayzie in “Seussical” said, “I think it’s awesome! It’s such a fun show and I’m sure the students and audience will really enjoy it. I hope to be able to make it back in town to see the show!” This year Mayzie will be played by Christina Rhoads.

Seussical is a world known show and is a happy little musical to bring everyone joy. “Seussical” has sweetness, humor, and energetic high spirits all throughout the show making it special for the whole family to experience.