Boys steal spotlight at Mr. Mini-THON


Hannah Alajlouni, Reporter

Big Spring High School will be hosting their 2nd biennial Mr. Mini-THON, a male pageant where all of the proceeds will be going towards Mini-THON. The male pageant will be taking place in the high school auditorium on Feb 8 at 7. This year the pageant feels brand new with more categories each contestant will be judged on.

The outfit categories include maroon and gold, beachwear, and formal wear. There will also be a talent portion and an interview much like an actual pageant. With all the added categories it will help the audience get to know the contestants better. Two years ago there was just one outfit, unlike this year where the contestants will be able to show their real colors. In this pageant there will be no judges to win.   Instead, contestants must raise the most money. The guys start on Friday during A and C lunches by canning so make sure to vote for your favorite contestants.

A lot of thought went into planning this pageant, starting around Christmas time when they first recruited males. After that, they started planning for the night of the pageant. The pageant is the perfect way to get Big Spring students ready for Mini-THON in a fun way and to raise money for the cause. The pageant is for the whole community, including adults.. The contestants include: Colin Boyd, Jashaun Gerald, Jarrod Johnson, Luke Michaels, Braden Petty, Brock Piper, Colden Showaker, Ishmael Kirkwood, and Brian Wright.   Michaels said, “I’m most excited to raise money for Mini-THON tonight.”  Gerald said his favorite part was preparing for the event with handstands, and Johnson said “When planning it I really enjoyed the Bachelor themed practice we did where one person didn’t get the rose.”

Allison Spencer, senior, is one of the people who planned the event. She said “The leadership development class enjoyed the creativity of coming up with the different categories and interview questions.” They enjoyed the collaboration between the club members that happened. Mr.Mini-THON is a great way to bring the community together and showcase some of our Big Spring males.

Audience members should bring money to the pageant to vote for the contestants. Tickets our $3 for students and $5 for adults.