Bullying must be stopped

Michael Wickard, Reporter

Bullying should be stopped and removed from every school, because it is just too chaotic and dangerous and could kill people in the end. According to Google Dictionary, bullying is the seeking to harm, intimidate, or coerce someone near or far. Schools should try and teach their students what are the signs of bullying and how to avoid them.

Here are some reasons why bullying might happen and the effects it can have. : The first reason why bullying happens is because there are one or more students that think they are better than anyone and they can push them around. The second reason why is that students are too nervous to tell their parents what happened. The third reason why is that the bully will try and push the person over their limits and make them feel ashamed, nervous, angry, upset, and frightened.

Some of signs that may point to a bullying problem are injuries that are inexplicable, faking being sick, not doing schoolwork, not socializing with friends, and not eating lunch and coming home hungry. These are just some of the signs of a bullying problem. By looking for these signs you can help that person out with that bullying problem.

The person that could be a bully is someone that thinks of themselves as a higher up person in power or someone with too confidence in themselves. When bullying happens there is always going to be someone that is hurt and in danger. Bullying is a type of thing that could make someone go as far as to do suicide to themselves or kill other people that are dear to them. And to answer that, yes, it is chaotic to everyone. Bullying has been a part of society since its inception, and will not easily disappear, but with the joint effort of the schools, the parents and the children, going to school can become a healthier, safer experience. The Big Spring High School could have have an event that could teach students the problems with bullying.