Money allows college exam scam


Cassie Epstein , Reporter

Movie stars and The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of some big companies hired William Singer of the Key Worldwide Foundation to make sure that their children would be accepted at prestigious colleges. What did Singer do to get children who otherwise would not qualify to be admitted to these schools? He found ways to improve their children’s SAT/ACT scores by hiring someone to stand in for them to take these tests. Another method Singer used was the bribe proctors to change answers to test questions. College coaches took bribes from Singer to admit students who had no athletic ability. What happened to these “athletes” once they were admitted to the college of their choice? They simply did not show up for practice or they faked an injury. It is believed by some people that Singer also helped the parents to make their bribes look like charitable donations so they could be deducted from their income taxes. What will happen to all the cheaters? In all 50 people including Singer, parents, coaches and people who worked for Singer have been arrested. To date, their fate has not been decided.